As a client you can view your schedule, request services and update your information with ease utilizing our online scheduling system.


Upon starting services with Lucky Lucy’s Pets, you will receive a login email from our online scheduling site. Be sure to check your spam and junk folder!


Our daily dog walking services are provided Monday – Friday, in the 11-3pm time frame. When requesting a service via our scheduling system, please be sure you verify the correct date, include the service length and the requested time frame should you have one. You may choose between 11-1pm, 1-3pm or a no time preference between 11-3pm.

Morning, evening and weekend walks are considered off hour walks. Off hour walks are accommodated based on availability and do require advanced notice to insure we can accommodate it.

If you alter your schedule week to week, walks must be scheduled no later than Friday for the following week, but advanced booking is preferred. We require a 2 walk a week minimum, unless it's the same day each week, and last minute walks will be accommodated based on availability. If you suspend walks for longer than 2 weeks and have not notified us, the requested service and/or time frame may not be available upon start up of walks once more.

Please note that we do our best to accommodate all walks within the requested time frame but do ask for understanding that circumstances out of our control may arise during the day causing the timing to be varied. If a walk is shortened due to inclement weather or other reasons you will only be invoiced for the length of service provided.

Once a walk is requested, it will be assigned to a pet care provider. If you request a walk that is not able to be accommodated, it will be marked as unavailable. If a walk is requested and is still in the system as requested, we are in the process of acquiring coverage for the walk.

If you do not receive regular walks with us, but are an occasional/as needed client we can not guarantee you will have the same pet care provider each time a service is requested.

Individual walks are only accommodated on an ongoing basis for our clients that have behavioral issues. If a dog is ill, or going through medical treatment with notice we may accommodate an individual walk.

During times of inclement weather (rain, heavy snowfall, and freezing temperatures) walks may be transitioned to shorter services for the well being of all dogs in our care.

In home boarding requests must be scheduled through the office and cannot be requested online. 


After each service is rendered, the pet care provider will fill out a pet care journal through our scheduling system. The journal will be emailed to the primary address on file (note: only one address is able to be on file at a time) by the close of the day. For dog walking services, journals will be spent by 3pm, for pet sitting and boarding services journals will be sent by 9-10pm.

In instances where you’d like to convey a note to your walker, please utilize the notes section for this. IE: Leave the light on, give them a treat, they threw up that morning and have been feeling ill. If your pet is experiencing a medical issue more severe please email the office to insure we can accommodate any special needs they may have.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made by 8pm the night before a midday walk/playgroup/hike to avoid the cancellation fee, and 24 hours for all off hour walks. Walks cancelled the same day they are scheduled will be charged the full fee.

We require 2 weeks notice for all in home boarding cancellations, and 48 hours notice for all cancellations of pet sitting services scheduled.

For large scale schedule changes, including the subtraction and addition of walks of 5 days or more, we require 5 business days notice. This includes instances where our services are no longer needed. Failure to provide this may result in a charge of 50% of the services cancelled.

We have a flexible cancellation and scheduling policy, so excessive cancellations may result in a fee or the suspension of services. This may be the equivalent of half the walks scheduled in a month, or multiple cancellations in a week.

Our online system does not allow for day of cancellations, and this will be the only exception for email cancellations for daily walking services. In home boarding and pet sitting cancellations may be sent via email. We do not accept cancellations in the notes of a service scheduled. Our staff is not responsible to uphold our policies nor relay cancellations to the office.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoicing is done on a bi-weekly basis and will be emailed to you in a pdf format.

We accept checks and an online payment form known as Venmo for payment on all invoices.

Invoices are due upon receipt of them. Failure to make a payment within 21 days results in a $15 fee that will accrue weekly until the invoice is paid in full.

Services may be temporarily suspended in the event payment is not received in a timely manner, including multiple invoices being past due and cases when a significant balance is due.

If paying by check, it can be mailed to our office as our walkers are not held responsible for collection of payments.

Key Policy

We require a copy of all of our clients keys to gain access to the pet we will be providing services to. For our daily dog walking clients we require a copy of your key to be held onto at all times. Our pet sitting clients may ask us to hold onto a copy of your house key, or you can be responsible in getting us a key before every service scheduled.

After our initial consultation, in the event we are required to meet with you to obtain a set of keys a $10 key retrieval fee will be charged, as well as any visits requiring us to return the key to you.

We can not be held responsible for any key left on your premises and not left with our persons. This includes key locks.

When services are terminated, we require 5 business days notice to ensure we have ample notification to return your keys in a timely manner and receive the final balance due on any outstanding invoices. Keys will be mailed at our discretion once payment is received in full.

When receiving services that require us to be in your home for an extended period of time (pet sitting, in your home boarding), we reserve the right to refuse services as a safety precaution if a visitor is present in your home that we were not previously made aware of.