Whether you have a set schedule each week you're looking to have your dog walked on, or perhaps you just need an occasional visit once a month, we provide flexibility in our services catered to your schedule.  We know how demanding our lives can be, and we're here to help make sure your four legged loved one gets the care they need in your absence.

We focus on positive reinforcement and small group outings to bring out the best in our four legged pack members! All of our walks and outings are done on-leash. We have ample experience in administering medications and specialize in providing that watchful caring eye when you are away from a dog that is in their senior years, recovering from surgery, or going through a tough health spell.

We utilize an online scheduling system that all clients are given access to once services begin. After each service is completed a pet care journal is then emailed to you letting you know how your four legged loved one did on their outing.

Please read all of our pricing thoroughly, including our additional fee section. Prices reflect single dog households. $5 is added to each additional dog in a household for all dog walking services, and $10 for in home boarding, hikes and playgroup services.


Solo Walks

We understand that not every dog is a good candidate for small group walks or even just with another dog buddy. For these special canines, whether it’s due to behavioral issues, leash reactivity, or even health issues we offer a 30 minute or a 60 minute solo walk option.

Please add the regular $5 fee per dog in each household that dogs are to only be walked with each other.