Key Retrieval and Drop Off

If a house key is not provided at the time of the consultation and we must come to you to retrieve the house keys, there is a fee of $10 associated with all key retrieval. In the event you do not wish for us to hold onto your keys after the initial visit and we must schedule a drop off of your house keys, the same $10 fee will apply.

Secondary Consultation

We always strive for continuity for the benefit of our feline and canine clients, as it's our experience that having one care provider helps ensure everyone gets to know each others quirks, behaviors and what is normal for that pet while their owner is absent. However when future dates are scheduled to ensure we can accommodate all of our clients needs we do have several team members to help ensure we can accommodate all of our clients needs. 

In the event your primary pet care specialist is not available for a date you'd require services on, we'd be happy to schedule a consultation where you can meet whom will be caring for your pet. There is a $20 secondary consultation fee for this visit and is also based on the availability of our team members. Advanced notice is suggested to ensure we have ample time should a secondary consultation be required.

Holiday Fee

All visits that are scheduled on major holidays that we observe (please view our Holidays page for more information) there is a $15 fee applied to each visit and $20 fee for in home boarding services performed on a holiday/holiday weekend.

Cancellation Fee

We allow our dog walking clients the flexibility to change their walking schedule weekly, however those clients that receive on average 3 or more walks in an invoicing period must provide 5 business days notice when cancelling walks for extended periods of time, or for large scale schedule changes. In the event advanced notice is not given, a 50% fee may accrue for the total dates cancelled. (IE: No notice was given for a 5 day cancellation, walks scheduled in that 5 day time frame will be subject to a charge)

Late cancellation of a walk (after 9pm) will result in a full cancellation fee of the service scheduled.

For our pet sitting clients please see our policies page for more in depth information on our cancellation policy.

Additional Fees

  • Complicated Medication Administration - diabetic injections, asthmatic treatments, and those pets that do not take pilling very easily - $5 per visit
  • Litter box Cleaning - the full removal of all contents, cleaning and fresh litter placed in - $10
  • Caged Animals - Prices start at $10 an animal depending on how many additional pets you have
  • Garden/Outdoor Plants Watering - This applies to gardens and multiple outdoor plants - $10